September 8, 1990: Texas Tech at Ohio State Play-by-Play

Final Score: Ohio State 17, Texas Tech 10

00Elliott kicked off at 3:38 P.M. to the elven; Robert Smith returned middle, cut right, down sideline for 34
00OSU 14:53
00110O45Scottie Graham thru right guard for 7
0023T48S. Graham off left end for 7 more
00110T41Raymont Harris outside left tackle for 4
0026T37S. Graham outside right guard for 2
0034T35Greg Frey faked left, moved right, passed to S. Graham in flat for 3
0041T32Texas Tech offside 5 
00110T27Harris counter, cut up inside right tackle for 9
0021T18S. Graham at left end for 2; Texas Tech face mask 5
00110T11S. Graham skipped thru right guard for 5
0025T06S. Graham slanted thru right tackle for 3
0032T03Harris was stopped at right tackle for 1
0041T02Frey faked, moved right, faked and ran over right side for no gain
00TTU 8:24
00110T03Sheffield outside right guard for 2
0028T05Lynn pitch at left end, out of bounds for 7
0031T12Ohio State offside 5
00110T17Texas Tech illegal procedure – 5
00115T12Sheffield slanted thru right guard for 5
00210T17Lynn draw over left side, cut up for 15
00110T32Gill faded, looked, ran right, sacked by Steve Tovar for -6
00216T26Gill passed too high for Hooper falling down over middle inc.
00316T26Gill faded, was sacked by John Kacherski for -6, fumble recovered by Lynn
00422T20Dalagerheim punted 41; Jeff Graham returned 15; OSU roughing kicker 15, punt nullified
00110T35Lynn right tackle for 5
0025T40Lynn pitch at right end for 4
0031T44Lynn right of center for 2
00110T46Sheffield bounced off left for -1; Tovar
00211T45Gill faked and passed to Sheffield on, screen right for 6
0035O49Gill passed just behind Manyweather inc; Texas Tech hold, declined
0045O49Dalagerheim punted to the eleven; J. Graham returned left for 3 (the punt was for 38 yards)
00OSU 1:48
00110O14S. Graham off right guard for 4
0026O18Frey faked left, moved right, passed to Jeff Ellis for 18
00110O36Frey faked, passed to Harris cutting across middle right for 2
0028O38S. Graham side stepped into left tackle for 1; END OF QUARTER
0037O39Frey faded, stepped up, passed for Harris cutting left, dropped inc.
0047O39Jeff Bohlman punted high right for 36; Saul muffed the fair catch, recovered by Roger Harper
00OSU 14:46
00110T29Frey passed just too high deep middle for J. Graham inc.
00210T29Dante Lee at center for 2; Time out Ohio State at 13:58
0038T31Frey passed to Bobby Olive cutting over middle for 9
00110T40Lee muffed pitch right for -6; recovered by Washington (charge Frey with the fumble)
00TTU 13:25 
00110T25Lynn at left guard for 2
0028T27Gill faked, passed too low in deep right flat for Blackshear inc.
0038T27Gill faded, looked, sacked by Kacherski for -7
00415T20Dalagerheim punted for 39; rolled dead
00OSU 11:58
00110O41Frey faked right, rolled left, passed high up for S. Graham; intercepted by Dubiski, return 3
00TTU 11:48
00110O45Gill faked, passed to Hulme cutting into left flat for 9
0021O36Lynn pitch at left end, cut up for 4
00110O32Gill lateraled quick right for Manyweather, low, dropped; Tovar recovered for -11
00OSU 10:43
00110O43S. Graham dodged into left tackle for 3; Ohio Staté holding -10; play nullified
00120O33Frey faked left, moved right, chased back left, passed wide for Harris in short flat inc.
00220O33S. Graham at left guard 2
00318O35Frey, from shotgun, passed to Olive over middle for 14; fumble caused by Fergusen, recovered by Saul, returned 5
00TTU 9:19
00110O44Lynn pitch at left end, dove for 2
0028O42Gill faded, looked and passed to Blackshear middle for 18
00110O24Lynn draw over left side for 3
0027O21Lynn spun at center on draw for no gain
0037O21Gill passed to Lynn on screen right, cut up left for 10
00110O11Sheffield crossed into left guard for 1
0029O10Gill faded, looked, moved right, passed way too high for Lynn in short left flat inc.
0039O10Gill faded, looked, chased hard and passed wide for Hooper in left flat inc; Texas Tech holding -10, play nullified; Time out Texas Tech at 5:40
00319O20Gill faded, looked, passed under heavy pressure for nobody left inc. (Kacherski hurt, wheeled off)
30419O20Elliott’s field goal with Hooper holding was GOOD from 37 yards at 8: 29
30Elliott kicked off to the twelve; R. Smith returned center for 27
30OSU 5:22
30110O39Frey faked left, moved right, sacked by Washington for -7
30217O32Frey faked, passed deep left for Brian Stablein; broken up Walker inc.
30317O32Frey, from shotgun, passed to Bernard Edwards short middle for 10
3047O42Bohlman punted left for 38; Saul returned 5
30TTU 3:48
30110T25Lynn cut up into right guard for 3
3027T28Lynn pitch at right end, out of bounds for 5
3032T33Lynn pitch at left end, spun for 1; Tech holding -10
30311T24Lynn draw, wide left for 1
30410T25Dalagerheim punted left for 35; J. Graham returned left for 6
30OSU 2:01
30110O46Frey faked, rolled left, passed to J. Graham in flat for 6
3024T48Frey faked, chased left, passed too wide for Lee on screen inc.
3034T48Frey passed just behind Lee cutting into right flat, dropped inc.
3044T48Bohlman punted 48 yards, bounced in for the touchback
30TTU 1:36
30110T20Texas Tech illegal procedure -5
30115T15Lynn pitch right, cut up for -1; Greg Smith; Time out Ohio State at 1:29
30216T14Lynn draw middle for 1; G. Smith caused fumble, recovered by Brent Johnson
30OSU 1:21
30110T15Frey faded, looked, ran right end for 5
3025T10Tyrone Harrison thru right guard for 1; fumble caused Wingo, returned by Rowe for 3
30TTU 1:08
30110T12Lynn at left guard for 2; Time out Ohio State at 1:01
3028T14Lynn quick draw middle for 2
3036T16Gill faked and carried right for 2; END OF HALF at 5:05 P.M.
30Tim Williams kicked off at 5:27 P.M. to the eighteen; Sears return 14
30TTU 14:56
30110T32Gill faked, passed way too low middle for Blackshear inc. .
30210T32Lynn dodged thru right guard for 3
3037T35Texas Tech illegal procedure – 5′
30312T30Gill faked, faded, looked, passed to Blackshear on left sideline -deep, out of bounds for 28
30110O42Gill faked, faded, under preassure, passed short for Sheffield inc.
30210O42Sheffield off right tackle. for 1
3039O41Gill passed for Naughton middle; broken up by Bryan Cook inc.
3049O41Dalagerheim punted into the end zone for the Touchback ~ 41 yards
30OSU 12:49
30110O20Harris into left tackle for 2
3028O22Frey passed for Ellis right center; broken up by Wingo inc.
3038O22Frey passed to Edwards moving into right flat for 14
30110O36Frey passed quick to Olive in right flat, broke tackles, broke another tackle for 32
30110T32Smith pitch at right end, dove for 8
3022T24Smith at center, wide left for 6
30110T18Smith counter left end for 1
3029T17Frey rolled right, passed for Stablein at flag; broken up by Saul inc.
3039T17Frey on draw middle, cut left for 2
3347T15T. Williams’ field goal was GOOD from 32 yards at 8: 30
33T. Williams Kicked off left and out of bounds -5
33T. Williams kicked off low on bounce to the fifteen; Blackshear returned 24
33TTU 8:24
33110T39 Lynn at left tackle for no gain; Ken Coleman
33210T39Gill faded, rolled left, passed deep for Manyweather, wide inc.
33310T39Gill passed too wide for Lynn cutting into left flat inc.
33410T39Dalagerheim punted short, middle, rolled dead for 38
33OSU 7:23
33110O24Smith cut off right tackle for 2 (Ellis hurt, walked off)
3328O26Frey faked right and sacked by Petty for -5
33313O21Frey passed for J. Graham cutting over middle short, dropped inc.
33413O21Bohlman punted 44; Saul returned 11
33TTU 5:50
33110T46Lynn turned left end for 2
10328T48Gill passed to Lynn steaking down left sideline on the thirty-one, out sped all defenders for the TD at the flag at 5:03 – Elliott PAT with Hooper holding
103Elliott kicked off to the eight; Harris returned middle for 15
103OSU 4:56
103110O23Frey faked, passed just too wide for Ellis down middle inc. ; Ohio State illegal procedure -5, play nullified
103115O18Frey passed to Smith cutting into right flat, slipped a tackle, slipped another, out of bounds for 24
103110O42Smith pitch at right end, cut up, broke clear down sideline for 39
103110T19Harrison cut back thru left guard, clear for 9
10321T10Smith spring draw thru right guard spun for 8
10101GLT2Smith, after fake, took pitch at right end, in at the flag for the TD at 3:13 – T. Williams PAT with Herbstreit holding
1010T. Williams kicked off to the eight; Allen returned 16
1010TTU 3:09
1010110T24Gill passed quick for Blackshear in right flat, dropped inc.
1010210T24Gill passed as he was hit to Sears in left flat for -1; Koch
1010311T23Gill passed for Naughton deep down left sideline, wide inc.
1010411T23Hall punted high and short, bounced back for 11, downed by Tech
1010OSU 1:59
1010110T33Smith pitch left, hit quick by Banks for -4
1010214T37Frey faded, chased right, passed to Smith cutting into right flat for 17
1010110T20Lee sprint draw thru left. guard, cut wide for 12
10101GLT8Harrison fought thru right guard for 4 as the quarter ended
10102GLT4Frey faked, was pressured as he passed too high for Harris in right flat inc.
10103GLT4Frey passed on lob quick too high for J. Graham in right flat inc.
10104GLT4T. Williams’ field goal try with Herbstreit holding was wide to the right from 21 yards at 14:49 – Touchback
1010TTU 14:49
1010110T20Lynn turned over high at right tackle for 2
101028T22Lynn was stood up on draw center by G. Smith for -3
1010311T19Lynn draw at right tackle for 1
1017410T20Dalagerheim punted low middle for 30; J. Graham broke clear center cut left, down sideline, clear at the flag for the TD at 12:47; T. Williams PAT with Herbstreit holding
1017T. Williams kicked off short right, bounced to the fifteen; Allen returned 7
1017TTU 12:41
1017110T22Lynn pitch at left end for no gain; Tovar
1017210T22Gill faked, passed to Ross on curl left for 20
1017110T42Lynn cut into right end for no gain, Tech holding -10, play nullified
1017120T32Gill passed to Lynn on screen right, cut left for 5
1017215T37Gill faked, passed too short for Blackshear middle; Judah Herman intercepted, returned left and out of bounds for 29
1017OSU 10:13
1017110T21Smith dodged into left tackle 3
101727T18Smith was stopped on draw at center for no gain; Rowe
101737T18Smith draw at right guard for 7
1017110T11Harrison cut outside right guard for 6
101724T5Smith pitch at right end for -2; fumble caused by Petty, recovered by McFarland
1017TTU 7:38
1017110T7Lynn at right guard for 3
101727T10Gill passed for Manyweather in deep right flat, low inc.
101737T10Lynn draw thru left side, broke a tackle, slipped one for 19
1017110T29Gill faded, rolled right, sacked by Tovar for -9 (Gill hurt, walked off)
1017219T20Rattan rolled left, ran end for 5
1017314T25Sheffield slanted into right guard for no gain (Time out Ohio State at 4:45)
1017414T25Dalagerheim punted center, downed by Tech for 52
1017OSU 4:34
1017110O23Smith turned right end, out of bounds for 4
101726O27Smith was stopped at left tackle for no gain; Liscio
101736O27Frey faked, chased, cut up over left .side for no gain; Wingo
101746O27Bohlman punted 54 center; Saul returned wide right for 9
1017TTU 2:53
1017110T28Gill passed to Lynn on screen left for no gain; Coleman
1017210T28Gill passed to Blackshear in right flat for 13
1017110T41Lynn draw at right guard for no gain; Coleman (Jim Peel hurt, walked off – Time out Texas Tech at 1:47)
1017210T41Gill faded, rolled left, passed to Ross for 9
10173150Gill passed for Ross in deep right flat, low inc.
10174150Gill passed too long for Manyweather deep down right sideline inc.
1017OSU 1:08
101711050Smith sprint draw at left guard for 5
101725T45Smith thru right guard for 3 Time out Texas Tech at 0:17
101732T42Smith at left guard for 3 Time out Texas Tech at 0:13
1017110T39Frey put his knee down for -2 as the game ended at 6:54 P.M.